Jun 242016

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Finally built a new computer, and with tech improvements came an aesthetic improvement for my workspace, putting up these tourism posters for Italy on the bare wall. I think I am officially obsessed. Anyway, my work flow is vastly improved, and as a bonus it's fast AF so I can play all the new games now. #homedecor #workspace #homeoffice #italy

Sep 132015

Sadly, it's our last night in Italy. Before its end, I challenged myself to take a night photo of the Colosseum. It's hard to get a good vantage point since it is always surrounded by people, and half of it is currently covered in scaffolding for restoration. I managed to catch this one during Blue Hour, and although it's not ideal, it sums up a Rome that I will remember–a bustling contradiction of the modern and the ancient–its people and lights reflected on the rain-slicked streets. What a beautiful place! #rome #italy #colosseum #vacation #travel #nightphotography #italia