Jun 222016

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Finally got some art to go above our bed: a metal print of our selfie in front of the Colosseum from our trip to Italy last year. It makes me so happy! This is the first time I have personally gotten a metal print. If you do a photo shoot with me, you have the option of getting your photograph printed on metal, and I highly recommend it! It's vibrant, crisp, modern, and it conveys light very well due to the reflective nature of the aluminum underneath. #metalprint #travel #colosseum #homedecor

Sep 132015

We had a really good lunch at Cacio e Pepe, one of the restaurants featured in the Rome episode of Anthony Bourdain's Layover series. I had, well, their Cacio e Pepe: a simple but glorious dish consisting of fresh, homemade pasta, cheese, and pepper. #rome #italy #travel #food #cacioepepe